Expect nothing but a Sun-full compilation. Brazilian music at its finest

Rodrigo Airaf

It is difficult to imagine Brazil without immediately connecting our minds to images of the Sun, heat, beaches and music. Being one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, it would be no different for electronic music: many Brazilian producers focus on uniting synthetic beats with tropical sounds. This is the main goal of Cocada Music, a sub-label of the German record label Get Physical.

In their new compilation, “Remixes Vol. 02”, Cocada again invited the prolific duo Nu Azeite to curate new versions of some of their songs. Balanced between nuances of Indie Dance, Disco and House Music, the tracks “Vem Com Noix”, “Bahia” and “Me Deixa Louca feat. Bia Barros”, released in 2021, were sent to the studios of more local DJs and DJanes in search of refreshing reconstructions.

This movement of dialogue between artists from different backgrounds generated a soulful Indie Dance vision for “Vem Com Noix”, by the duo From House To Disco. Then, “Bahia” shows us a more introspective and emotional side of Brazil, with old school broken beats through a brilliant collaboration between Rodrigo Ferrari and Leo Janeiro. Finally, Mary Olivetti reinforces her incredible mastery of the musical language by transforming “Me Deixa Louca” into a powerful Acid House track and, even so, very relatable to her home country.

Listen to the compilation below:

Nu Azeite and Cocada Music are on Instagram.