Cerrone, the legendary French “King Of Disco” and one of the architects of electronic music, has released a double vinyl edition of his greatest hits: Best Of Cerrone. The tracklist includes iconic Cerrone songs from the 70s like Supernature and Love In C Minor as well as more recent hits like The Impact, from his 2020 album DNA. There’s also an accompanying record – Best Instrumentals – including instrumental versions of his hit records, available on vinyl for the first time ever.

Cerrone is considered to be one of the pioneers of electronic music. As a drummer first and foremost, Cerrone has been credited with being the first to de-tether the kick drum from the rest of the percussive mix. By emphasizing a strong kick on every downbeat, Cerrone popularized the infamous four-to-the-floor rhythmic pattern and thus laid the groundwork for early house and techno. Nile Rodgers credits “Cerrone’s contribution to dance music is as important as Giorgio and Kraftwerk’s”.

Cerrone recently began performing again in the mid 2010s after a prolonged absence from the scene. Inspired by his newfound knack for DJing; Cerrone has played solo shows and appeared at festivals all over Europe in recent years before taking a hiatus due to the pandemic last year.

With the release of his greatest hits compilation, Cerrone has put an exclamation mark on his illustrious career.

Best Of Cerrone Tracklist

Disc 1
Supernature (Edit)
Cerrone’s Paradise (Edit)
Look For Love (Edit)
Love Is Here
Je Suis Music (Edit)

Give Me Love (Edit)
Freak Connection (Edit)
Music Of Life (Edit)
2nd Chance (Feat. Tony Allen)
The Impact (Edit)

Disc 2
Love In C Minor (Edit)
You Are The One (Edit)
Midnight Lady (Edit)
Hooked On You

Therapy (Feat. James Hart)
Rocket In The Pocket (Edit)
Got To Have Loving (Edit)
Club Underworld (Edit)