It’s tradition for the DIRTYBIRD crew to migrate south to participate in the annual Miami Music Week madness. This year the label provided us with its first installment of the DIRTYBIRD Miami Compilation, mixed by label stalwart, Gene Farris. Farris will be joining the flock for the can’t-miss DIRTYBIRD Players party, happening at Club Space Miami.

High-energy house from start to finish, the 2019 Compilation sees some familiar names, like Franklyn Watts, ZDS, Tim Baresko, Steve Darko, and Wyatt Marshall. In the spirit of MMW’s practice of unearthing new talent, DIRTYBIRD included some newer artists on the compilation, like Scavazza, Bode V, Kivi, and Jaksan. Jaksan surged into the limelight after releasing the heater of a house beat, LaLaLa, and we’re excited to see it in the mix. Listen but don’t touch, because this compilation is hot. Stream it on Spotify here