Albums should always show you a new side to an artist, or offer a real deep trip onto their musical psyche. After 20 years in the game, Dirty Doering does that on his excellent new album. It comes on the Katermukke label with a backstory about the importance of time and is the former Bar25 residents finest hour. 

Loosely coughed in house, but house music of all tempos, it starts super slow and deep, getting you in the mood before the journey really begins. After the deep cut grooves, things pick up with more melody – it is starry, night sky stuff that brings colour to the rubbery grooves and really awakens your senses.

Cuts like i Cant; Get Enough then break out and uplifting your spirit with simple but effective synth hooks and Burning Ham are a little darker and more edgy, with scintillating synths dancing over turbulent drums. High Level Road then has poignant chords riding up and down the scales and from there there is uplifting deep house, subtle piano joy and bumping stripped back rhythms that really get your attention. 

This is an adventurous album that really takes you to a different emotional realm and does so with effortless style and groove to spare.  

Euch die Uhren uns die Zei is out now! Grab it here: