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[New Release] It is hard to believe that Tudor-Radu Barbu, aka Dirty Culture, is barely in his twenties, given his mature, skilled sound. The Romanian producer and DJ has made a name for himself on labels like Affin and with support from the likes of Nic Fanciulli, Richie Hawtin, Shlomi Aber, and many more. This latest record, out this week on Klopfgeist, is a perfectly cold, deep winter collection of tracks.

The title track, Hyperion, features a deep, rolling bass line that is accompanied by muted claps and a hollow vocal that make the record sounding hauntingly impatient and sweet. Andres Bergmann offers up the remix. His last EP on Klopfgeist, Pulled an All Nighter, was a wafty and beautifully soft work. His remix work for Dirty Culture recounts his wonderful talent for melodies. The track is toasted by a warm pad sing-song, making it a nice one for the dance floor warm up. Le Albatros, the final track on the EP, is bouncy and uplifting — by dark, wintertime standards anyways. This track’s sound is just what a partygoer would want to hear as they’re walking into a party: not overwhelming, but not sleepy, a touch creepy, and very punchy.

Hyperion highlights Dirty Culture’s knack for depth, which he had hidden in earlier productions by sharper elements and faster tempos. A great release for both Dirty Culture and Klopfgeist and a keeper for seasons to come.