Wout Records welcome back Dinkis, who is the musical heart and soul of the label, for four new cuts that take in a range of different styles. It shows a growth and evolution  since his last EP and is another great effort.  


All four tracks are heavily layered upward with great synths. The Gaia’s Kisses has them doing elegant dances above rooted drums, and the duality between the two makes for a great trip. My Heroes is a patient one to start with, then the drums land in off beat fashion but the pensive, pained mood remains with the synths up top. From World Lost is a morose track with heavy heart kick drums trudging beneath sad synth notes. L’Ombra Dell’Uomo Invisibile is the last of them all and has a more purposeful feeling. It is optimistic and resonant and closes out an EP that really makes an impact.