With the return of spring comes a warmth of energy that illuminates and breathes life into everything around it. This energy seems to transpose itself into all aspects of life, bringing an atmospheric fervor along with it. On April 1st, Hot Creations, a label that consistently emanates these warm vibrations, will be releasing the highly anticipated, second EP from Brazilian duo Digitaria. The EP, titled ‘Shine,’ is a stellar release featuring exceptional remixes from the likes of Morgan Geist and breakout talent wAFF.


The infatuating vocals of Daniela Caldellas stand out as the most seductive aspect of the entire EP. Her soothing, pure voice pierces through the throbbing basslines and soaring atmospheric synths to create a warm aura of unadulterated bliss. Coupled with Daniela’s incredible vocals is a deep and full sound that fills the room with a warmth which physically compels the body to move and dance in its reciprocal wake.


The entire EP’s hot and sensuous nature make it the perfect choice for the start of the spring and summer seasons. After the duo’s first EP, Masochist, came out on Hot Creations last year, Shine has surpassed expectations and set the bar for the remainder of releases from the label this year. Shine will be available for purchase later this month.