Macedonian producer Different Kind releases his new ‘Gangsta’ EP, out now via Dirtybird Records


Dirtybird’s debut release from Different Kind offers an innovative fusion of house and drum & bass music. Drawing on hip-hop and metal influences, ‘Gangsta’ arrives with a unique flavor of production that compliments Dirtybird’s signature style. The project’s title track features an undeniably smooth transition between the two genres while ‘GQ’ is a masterclass on massive, distorted sound design. 


Thrilled by bands and artists of the 90’s UK electronic scene, Different Kind is heavily influenced by various sound genres from trip-hop to techno and big beat, all the way to breakbeat and drum & bass. Additional genres like hip-hop, metal and alternative music, have helped Different Kind to develop as an artist who likes to experiment with his sound, mainly focusing on two things: quality and making you dance. With more than 20 years of headbanging, playing and dancing in his bedrooms, Different Kind is now coming after you on your favorite dancefloor.