[Release]  With loads of great releases on other labels, Dexter Kane is back with a new release on his newly formed label Shadow Sanctuary.  This is the first of three EPs that Dexter will be releasing, and if this record is a taste of what is to come, then we want more.  A wonderful record, with two originals from Dexter and a remix by Sam Russo, this release sets the tone for what is sure to be another great label.

‘The Craft’ is a delicious synth heavy track with a popping groove and a bouncing bass line.  A real dance floor groover, this is a great record opener.  The darker side to the release, ‘Beta Blocker,’ is another delightful jam with loads of synths, a heavy bass line, and a smooth melody.  Sam Russo  leans towards the techy side with his remix adding hints of acid into the mix, along with a foreboding vibe that is makes this one a dance floor terrorizer.

A great inaugural release from Dexter Kane and his new label.  You are going to want to keep you eyes and ears open for this one because there is lots more where this came from.


Artist:   Dexter Kane
Title:  The Craft/Beta Blocker
Label:  Shadow Sanctuary
Catalog No.:  SS001

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