Just to let you know: The Kuiper Belt is the largest mapped structure in our planetary system, three times as big as all the territory from the sun out to Neptune’s orbit. But still, it doesn’t always have to be the largest structures that catch our attention and fascinate us.
Operating out of the European techno Mecca that is Berlin, Deorbiting  aren’t your umpteenth purveyors of big-room quivers and woofer-busting basswaves. Veering off the main stream of genre-bound electronics, the German outfit has been forging its own musical concept with little to no regards toward “scenes” and “trends”.

Brewing elements of cosmic asceticism and exploratory audacity without turning their back on the rhythmic life line that brings electronic music lovers together, Deorbiting sure know how to squeeze emotions out of seemingly cold-hearted machines.

Now the trio announces their album on Stil vor Talent with a first single featuring HRRSN and takes us on a stellar journey through the cosmos.