When you have Canadian hot shot Demuir and long time house gangster DJ Sneak on the same release you know it is going to be fire, and it sure is. 

Desolat, Origins and Heist associate Demuir shows he has many different sounds in his arsenal with this one. Soul Muzak is a nice deep and heady house cut with warped melodies that are draped over the train track drums. It’s perfect dancing fodder and DJ Sneak’s Banger Dub Remix that pairs it all back to a shuffling house groove with crisp kicks and nice heady pads. These are two high grade weapons from this always vital label. 

hedZup Records is making a fine reparation for itself with its heady house sounds for those who know. Label boss Mancini is next up with a remix from Per Hammar making this another vital package. 

Things kick off with Distress, a tight and kinetic house cut that is slick as you like. The icy drums and warped bass mesh round each other to fluid effect and get you moving. Helluva brings up the pace with real punchy vibes and taught drum work that is funky and corrugated. Keeping things deep but deliciously driving is Bundala, a lively cut with nice late night pads bringing the class. Per Hammar then steps up with a more dubbed out and techno leaning remix that is linear and heady and closes out in style. This is another fine EP. 


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