[New Release]  Della Zouch may be a new name to you, but he is no way new to the game. With a long history in dance music and already being featured on labels such as Kote and Alive Recordings, we get his Junior release off his own label, Zouch RecordsSlow is a magnificently dark EP with loads of groove.

The title track, ‘Slow,’ is a beautifully haunting track with ominous vibes, entrancing vocals, and abysmal groove.  ‘Lack of Love’ is another track that features heaps of groove, but a dark attitude. Stabbing keys and hypnotic melody make this track a scorcher.

An incredible release from Della and his label, 2012 seems to be a good year for this new producer.  Spending tons of time in the studio and having a bunch of new releases planned in the near future, it seems that things are going to be pretty bright for this talented artists.


Artist:  Della Zouch
Title:  Slow EP
Label:  Zouch Records
Catalog No.:  ZR003

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