Looking for another great EP, well stop here!  ‘Looking For’ by Definition is just one more sign from the music world that there is really extraordinary music out in 2016. Released on Esance out of Germany, this EP is full of multifaceted sounds.  The Esance team, started in 2002, consists of German artists Sandro Germann, Dimitri Tsimitselis (the man behind the label), Philip Kersting, Nici Faerber (the man behind the music) and Stephanie Rusch.  Together they create an excellent team hosting huge events in Germany, releasing profound music, and a humorous/informative music blog as well. You may need a translator to view their site http://www.esance.ch/ but it is worth more than just a glance.

Definition, aka Dimitri Schnider, is known for his high quality slew of tight productions. He combines elements of house, techno, and trance sounds to create genre breaking tracks. This new EP entitled ‘Looking For ’ is a serpentine of sounds. The title track has a beautiful melodious presence, combined with a diverse bassline that is completely brilliant. Be ready for a musical adventure, and grab your lovers to enter ‘Cosmic Room’. The next journey combines a creative high hat shuffle with a samba vibe that is so moving you may get lost in your own head. Last, Matt Fear comes in with an incredible remix of ‘Looking For’ adding a deep bass and a sweeter light melody that switches the sounds around.  This is a real music treat for us all. It is fashion in music.



Artist: Matt FearDefinition
Release Date: 2015-01-25
Label: Esance
Catalog No.:  4056813014617

Becky Beloved