A cosmic collision of ancient tradition and forward-thinking electronic music heralded the birth of Day Zero on the final day of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. The result has been six sessions of sonic wonder and a convergence of party-people from every corner of the globe around the scion of Damian Lazarus. Deep within the mystical jungle of Tulum, this community of ritualistic nomads gathers before some of the world’s most exciting selectors and live acts for an eighteen hour journey.

Musical voyages stand at the center of the Day Zero experience with its artists acting as the beating heart that carries partygoers from sunset to sunrise. Damian’s careful sonic curation guides this transformational pull, with each performer fitting perfectly into their own destined chapter of this marathon epic. The 2020 edition welcomes some globally leading selectors into the Day Zero fold for the first time including Chilean-Swiss house and techno icon Luciano, Berlin electro innovator Ellen Allien, the inimitable Grammy winning producer Dubfire, Keinemusik’s &ME, and eclectic Italo-Mexican talent Concret. Romanian minimal innovator Priku, championed by contemporaries like Rahdoo, Raresh, and beyond, also makes his debut.

Black Coffee will make his much anticipated return to Day Zero’s revered jungle home following his debut at the event in 2019. He is joined by Crosstown Rebels family members Art Department, Bedouin, Tibi Dabo, Yulia Niko, Serge Devant, and Francesca Lombardo.

Live instrumentation will continue to take center stage at Day Zero, following the recent debut of Damian’s Get Lost Live concept in New York this month with Mashrou Leila and Kelsey Lu. The Crosstown championed, Berlin based Ae:Ther will showcase his other-worldy productions with a hardware infused performance following his recent debut under the Day Zero banner in Masada. Sidhartha Siliceo remains an integral part of the festival’s fabric, returning with his modern take on the classical music of North India.

The Day Zero experience hangs on the pillars of immersion and cultural connectivity, sharing space between the ancient world and modern mankind. From sunset to sunrise, each moment is woven within the fabric of the venue’s energy, bubbling up from its caves and cenotes into its naturally formed amphitheatre. This connection with surroundings and self is what’s helped create the ideal environment for experiencing the world’s best electronic music.



Photo credit: Here & Now