David Hohme has been influenced by melodies from a young age, having started playing piano at four years old. These influences have guided the entirety of his musical journey, leading him into the dreamier strains of electronica that he creates and proliferates today. His passion for his craft and the transformational scene he’s proudly part of is palpable, and it has now guided him onto Desert Hearts‘ label arm. The result is an invigorating piece of music that is a step outside the Desert Hearts status quo.

Without Doubt opens with the eponymous original mix by Hohme himself. It strikes a pleasing balance between melody and percussion, leading listeners into a lush, well-padded bed of notes. Taking this concept in a more spacier direction is French legend Rodriguez Jr, who subdues the more percussive bits in favor of drawn-out harmonies and added synth layers for maximum flight. Both versions carry an overwhelmingly sentimental ethos that tugs at the heartstrings; one that fits in well with the Desert Hearts brand despite the offshoot in sound.