Hailed as “LA’s best kept secret”, DAVI is quickly making a name for himself with his latest slew of releases and this highly anticipated and already widely praised release out on the Rebellion, Crosstown Rebels infamous sub-label. Definitely hailed as one of the ANTHEMS of this year’s Burning Man, it was heard countless times luring you in from across the playa.


Capturing the essence of the Crosstown Rebels and Robot Heart experience at Burning Man, DAVI’s selection of deep melodic odysseys for Rebellion are awash with the other-worldly magic of the Playa. A-side ‘Rebel Heart’ fuses ancient Eastern melodies with moody bass and mystical arrangements. Second track ‘Anunnaki’ (a name denoting a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures) continues the theme of spellbinding, earthy tones and on the remix, Mark Jenkyns toughens up ‘Rebel Heart’ with a squelchy acid-flecked bassline, solid kicks and overlays of his own wonky synth structures. Last but not least the masterstroke ‘Two Suns In The Sky’ hypnotises the soul with rolling drum beats and epic chords as waves of spooky energy and polyrhythms punctuate the cosmic sunrise soundscape.


In DAVI’s words…
“The Rebel Heart party helped me find myself at Burning Man last year. The music was new and inspirational and I felt it deep inside of me. I was back in my studio within 2 days of returning from the desert, fired up by this new direction and I think I managed to create my own spin on this most magical experience and of course I sent it to Crosstown straight away”.


DAVI is definitely on our list of our latest obsessions and we are in love with this release and will be keeping a close watch on him for future releases. As always, nothing but the best from Rebellion.



Artist: Davi / Mark Jenkyns
Title: Two Suns In The Sky
Label: Rebellion
Release Date: September 9
Catalog: RBL017


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-Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy