The newest release on Soulfooled is fueled with great vibes from a few artists to watch out for in 2016. Daso Franke and Pawas Gupta (aka Daso and Pawas) released these two energetic dance floor tracks with an incredible remix by Chymera. Soulfooled was started in 2010 by Alex Niggeman out of Berlin, Germany and is known for their exceptional music dexterity, and releasing tracks that feel the passion in the music. This latest release is just that. It’s has passionate dance floor vibe with an unforgettable rhythmic backbone.

No Lead  ’ is a very rhythmically moving track with a creative input of percussion and brass sounds that combines classical strings that sing. ‘Decide ’ is light feeling track with a percussion groove the is delicately mixed with melodious flourishes of bass and a high in space vibe. Chymera, the Irishman now residing in Berlin, remixes ‘No Lead’ with a creative entanglement of percussion, brass, and bass. This ‘No Lead’ EP has finesse. The melodies, musicianship, rhythms and atmospheric sounds fuse perfectly.


Artist: ChymeraDasoPawas
Release Date: 2015-01-29
Label: Soulfooled
Catalog No.:  SFLD017

Becky Beloved