[Release] Whisically entrancing and elevating, sensual and soothing … ‘That Colored Taste’ encompasses all the smooth moves I love in a track. Elongated and mesmerizing synths laced with smooth vocals and a deep bassline … BLISS. ‘How It Ends’ embodies that same emotive groove as the title track. A really very lovely release for Darmony, the project created by the DJ and Producer Daniel More, a fresh artist from Florianopolis, an island in the South of Brazil. This is the first of Darmony that has had the absolute pleasure of passing my ear drums, and, I must say, I’m enlightened, intrigued, and hooked. If this release is any testament to what we can expect from him and from the Brazilian label South B. in the future … we will definitely be looking forward to the next one. Perfect for a sunny day or dusky sunset, this track is light but deep and airy while entrancing. Simply … beautiful. Enjoy darlings …




Artist: Darmony
Title: That Colored Taste
Label: South B Records
Catalog: SBR561012
Release Date: October 22



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