LA-based producers Danny Goliger and Choopsie team up for their collaborative ‘Cycling’ EP, out now via Dirtybird Records. 

The latest release from the pair of fast-rising flock favorites flaunts the dynamic, off-kilter sounds and left-of-center rhythms that have become synonymous with Dirtybird’s White Label. Each slow-burning and complementary in nature, ‘Cycling’ offers two distinct broken-beat instrumentals that will keep listeners on their toes with every twist and turn. The percussive-heavy titular tracks ripples with sharp snare rolls offset by airy synths, bouncing with intoxicating arpeggiations over the course of four minutes. Its companion, ‘AF Rex’ is just as enticing. Scattered with bright vocal chops and cadenced drum patterns, ‘AF Rex’ is driven by lush melancholic tones creating an intricately layered soundscape. In typical White Label fashion, ‘Cycling’ arrives as a vinyl release, available for purchase here.  

Regarding the EP, Danny Goliger said, “Choopsie and I have been really inspired by the contrast between spacey ambient textures, with harder driving beats. This EP shows our love for those contrasts, with songs that are emotive and textural, while also maintaining a dark, bass-y edge.  We cooked up these 2 tracks at my studio in LA before Alex moved to Berlin.  It’s a nice time capsule and I’m very excited that it’s getting released with Dirtybird White Label.”

Choopsie added, “Danny and I made these 2 songs back at his studio in LA in 2022. We were experimenting with smooth, ambient textures and samples on top of heavier drums to really showcase the contrasts between the kinds of music we like. These are some of my favorite songs that Danny and I have made together and I’m really excited for them to be released on Dirtybird White Label.”

Danny Goliger and Choopsie invite the flock for a wild ride with their new ‘Cycling’ EP out now.