[Release]  With so many producers it’s hard to be on top of it all the time. Danke is one producer who has seemed to escape me, but after his latest release, Soul Imprints EP, he is definitely on my radar.  A great three track release on Nin92wo Records, Danke’s soulful, melodic sound has certainly made an impact on me.  ‘Soul Imprints’ is a seductively deep track with loads of atmosphere and tight percussion.  Danke teams up with newcomer Monobloq to create the bass driven stunner ‘Punked Child.’
Another new producer, Thomas  Krauze, provides a powerful remix of the title track which nicely wraps up this record.

A great release from start to finish, this is one record you are going to want to pick up.


Artist:  Danke
Title:  Soul Imprints EP
Label:  Nin92wo Records
Catalog No.:  NIN003

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