Dance Spirit continues to bring their unique and celestial style straight into our cerebellum with their latest release ‘Reflection’ out this week on Kindisch. With a constantly evolving sound attached to a work ethic of solid steel, we are always excited and inspired by what these guys bring to the table.

Imploring a little help from the likes of Jon Charnis and Mia Lucci, the former Andoid Cartel duo lay a consistent groundwork for beautifully crafted ambient and organic sounds. Each track evokes a feeling of weightlessness for the listener, with an almost space-like atmosphere that is highlighted by deep glowing percussion and enchanting sporadic harmonies. Like a warm blanket, the entire release wraps around our senses and makes us feel at home.


ARTIST: Dance SpiritJon CharnisMia Lucci
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-04
LABEL: Kindisch

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