In Anticipation of their incredible album, expected to drop by at the end of the summer, Chris and Reagan tease our senses with their second EP for mother label Supernature, which is guaranteed to raise their profile even more thanks in no small part to their shimmering productions and unnatural ear for melodies. The lead track, “Insight” is nothing short of outstanding: a mesmerising journey into shining stringsand cascading percussions with the added floating vocal (performed by Reagan Himself, one half of the duo) which creates tons of atmosphere around the track. None other than Fred P was recruited to rework “Insight”. His remix is a true work of art, sculpted and patiently built to perfection like only a true master can. He also provides us with anexcellent dub mix which is more suited to those dance floors preferring a bit less melody. “Latenight, early mornings” is a gorgeous piece of deep house music which truly shows Dance Spirit’sdexterity within a studio environment. Bedouin are called on duty to remix it, following the incredible success of their debut EP for Supernature in the spring and they truly give the track a new identity, with middle eastern influences and a more dance floor feel. “Late nights rituals”complete a Monster Ep, further solidifying their positions as Supernature’s lead artists and truly aduo to watch in the near future.


Artist:  Dance Spirit
Title:  Insight EP
Label:  Supernature
Catalog No.:  SPN037