Bangkok’s own son, Dan Buri, is back with powerful release on Australia’s Beat & Path Recordings. His EP, Isaan Rain Calls, is the perfect junction of new world music with the mystical, traditional sounds of his homeland, Thailand. Buri is able to seamlessly weave the two ideas together, creating an emotional and melodic progressive journey, as the track plays on. Dan is known for his atmospheric, yet harmonious sounds, and his new track does not disappoint. The Aussie label turned to Retza for the remix duties, and his Drum Mix is just as great. Dan’s EP is part of a series of releases from the label that aim to tell a story through sound, and we can’t wait to hear the rest.

“A Shaman monk sits still, eyes closed and totally aware of his surroundings as he meditates and awaits his arrival.

The pointed tip of the canoe he dwells in slices through the pure waters of the Mekong River, gliding as if guided by a super natural force toward an unknown destination.

It has been a dry season for all of the inhabitants of this northern province of Thailand and the monk is intent on finding the one thing that calls him, the elusive Isaan Rain.”


Release Date:
: Beat & Path
Category #: BNP006


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