Damon Fletcher has dropped a brand new video “Catchin’ Dreams”, a collaboration with Robbie Rosen. Catchin’ Dreams is Fletcher’s latest in a string of videos he’s released since the start of the pandemic; following up “Hustle with a Purpose” Featuring the Crushboys, “2 Miles” Featuring the Crushboys, and “Ready” Featuring Cupid .

Damon shared some words about the song:

“I wanted to relay the message that catching your Dreams only takes dreaming and changing your mindset to chase it. The inspiration for the video is to show that whatever situation you are in, you can find the light in the situation and see your hopes and dreams come to life”

“My hopes for the track is that it can reach people and put a smile on their face and hopefully encourage at least one person to change their life around to get up and catch their dreams.”

Watch the Catchin’ Dreams video below & stay on the lookout for more visuals from Damon Fletcher