[New Release]  When it comes to dark and deep house music, I am a total hellion for it.  SinQ Records have been on an amazing trend of releasing tracks in this fashion. Heavy bass, dark rhythms, and ominous melodies are just a few words to describe this sound.  For their latest release they get Dakin Auret on board, and he delivers heavily with this monster of an EP, Shameless.

The title track is frighteningly dark, with baleful tones and a menacing melody — the ghostly vocals and banging beats make this one a a true dance floor monster.  The other track from the release, ‘Off Like This,’ is a slightly more up-tempo track with a bouncy bass line, although it still keeps that ghastly feel, making it another behemoth of a song.

Overall this is another great release from SinQ Records and a true banger from Dakin. Anytime I see a release coming out on SinQ I know to expect something dark and heavy and this release delivers.  As always, I look forward to anything from SinQ and am loving Dakin’s sound.




Artist:  Dakin Auret
Title:  Shameless
Label:  SinQ Records
Catalog No.:  SQ1013


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