Paradise Sound System is combining the forces of Afro House sounds with South American vibes to bring us an exciting collaboration from Afro-brazilian artist Curol, and acclaimed Brazilian producer Tropic on their latest single, ‘After of Space‘. The new single is a first time collaboration for both artists, and what more of a better fit than Paradise Sound System to provide the globe with a track that highlights both international and diverse hotspots of music from Brazil and the continent of Africa. Both of these regions have immense historical relationships with music and arts. 
Curol has been and is continuing to being a prominent figure in the female revolution of musicians in the electronic sphere, makes a name for herself with bold energy that comes out in her music. She asserts herself through dancing rhythms and groove ever-present in Brazilian percussion, and maintains the organic elements of house in the form of her Afrohouse sounds. Tropic has distinguished himself by familiarizing himself with the varieties of house music, crafting over a period of three years a unique sound that he has received much praise from. He creates tracks with a character of deep melodies containing an atmosphere that many listeners have come to enjoy.

After of Space‘ is out now!