The global-trotting DJ and renowned producer Cuartero joins the Play It Say It family this September with some serious turbo-charged tech cuts.

In between his busy live schedule, playing at the likes of elrow, headling events in Ibiza and returning to regular festivals like BPM, you can find Cuartero delivering fresh club numbers. With recent releases on Hot Creations, ViVa Music and Moon Harbour as well as his own CUARTEROCONCEPT, we wanted to catch up with the main man to find out more about his new release Micromaya.

Cuartero ‘Micromaya’ is available now on Play It Say It – previews and download links below.

Hi Cuartero, thanks for chatting with us today.

With a busy live schedule on the horizon, such as playing at Paradise New York in September and ADE in October, are there any particular shows we should keep an eye out for? Is there a specific event you are pumped to play at?

I am focused on my own events, Sanity, which have taken place in South America and Europe this year. Soon it will be the opening of Code in Fabrik and I have also a lot of great gigs this winter.

Alongside all of your live performances and gigs throughout the summer, what would you say are your top five tracks for playing out at the moment?

Honestly, I am playing a lot of my own music lately. I have 3 unreleased track that will be out soon but I can’t reveal it yet.

Cuartero – Micromaya [Play It, Say It]

Cuartero – Repit [Cuartero Concept]

Having a very active performance schedule and regularly releasing solid tracks is no easy balancing act. How have you found getting the balance between studio time and playing out? Are there certain times of the year that you will focus more on one than the other?

This year has been great both for releases and gigs. We have released on Edible, Play it Say it, Muna, Saved, some Vinyl Only releases… And more to come in 2019!

I try to go to the studio as much as I can but obviously during summer It’s harder to get locked in the studio due to the busy schedule.

Your upcoming release ‘Micromaya’ on Play It Say It drops soon and features some infectiously good bass lines. Do you find when you write a new track that you get down the drums and bass first? Or do you start with a particular instrument/ sampler?

Each track is different, Once I have something groovy I start from there. Sometimes it’s the bass and others the drums. Hard to say.

Where do you find inspiration for producing music? Is it when you play out, are in the studio or is it external to music?

Usually, it’s when I sit in the studio that ideas come to me but also seeing what drives people nuts on the dance floor every weekend gives me directions to go.
With previous releases on What NxT, Edible, and Desolat, how does it feel to now be joining Play It Say It? How has the reaction been so far and who is supporting the tracks?

The EP had great support. Big names are supporting and playing the tracks. Also, Play it Say it is doing a really good job, so I am really happy with this release.

What can we expect from you in the coming months? Do you have any forthcoming projects, exciting festivals or anything you’d like to mention?

Yes, I will have more of my own events coming and some releases on Hottrax, Cuartero Concept and more!

That’s great to hear and we look forward to hearing more soon. Thanks for chatting with us today!

Cuartero ‘Micromaya’ is available now on Play It Say It – listen/download here

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