[Release]  Crowdkillers have emerged and created a deeper style to their traditional straight tech of MBF with this release. ‘Roller’ is a super slick tech heavy track with wild pitch string and nice acoustic percussion leading you to another world full of promises, a nightcrawler perfect for heating up the dancefloor. ‘Young Cats In The Game’  is a favorite from the beginning. Tech vibes are cut with soulful elements to create a perfect blend of hard and smooth with a solid balance of penetrating percussion and old school vocal stylings. The third track ‘One Thirty Train’ is another solid tech track from the Crowdkillers duo. The EP rounds out with a an exquisite remix of “Young Cats In The Game” by Intu:itiv slowing down the vibe for a seriously sexy deeper tech trip. Really loving this latest from Crowdkillers! Personal Favorites: Young Cats In The Game (Original & Intu:itiv Remix)


Artist: Crowdkillers / Intu:itiv
Title: Young Cats In the Game
Label: MBF
Release Date: April 15
Catalog: MBF12101



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