Coyu is best known as a leader in the techno game. Someone who serves up plenty of Beatort hits and does so on labels like his own Suara to great effect. But now he really goes deep on a debut album that will surely shock and excite many.


He uses the full length record to explore a much wider sphere of sound than usual – he also does so with the help of some pretty notable collaborators such as The Horrorist, Mike Leary and Thomas Gandey. They add colour and chatter to the tracks while Coyu’s style still shines through.


There are lush and sensitive groovers like the deep We All Try next to harder, more driving bangers like Fear Is Gonna Be A Player In Your Life and the darker, more cantering techno kicks of Wanna Do Right, Wanna Do Wrong. La Coherencia De No Ser Coherente shows off a more experimental side and the energy real ramps up with My First Pill. Ultimately, this is a killer bit of work from Coyu.


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