Founders of the FAMLY collective and co-producing duo Cousn recently delivered their debut album, ‘FAMLY JEWELS‘, marking the launch of Irvine Welsh and Steve Mac’s new label, Jack Said What. The ten-track LP showcases a myriad of solo and collaborative creations with rapper Surya Sen amongst other rising stars, resulting in a multi-dynamic body of work. To mark the album’s release, we invited Cousn to pick out 10 tracks for us that they’re feeling at the moment. Enjoy!


1. Evil Nine – For Lovers, Not Fighters 

We’ve played this one a lot in our sets before, always goes down really well with any crowd on any night. Probably one of the first songs that really got us into using live drums and other live elements to make our songs. Really simple but well produced track, could listen to it on loop for hours.


2. Anthony Rother – Back Home

Hard hitting electro punk coolness. Always really loved how the jaggedy synth bassline cuts through any sound system alongside those driving distorted vocals. The melancholic feel of the track also makes it a real hands in the air moment.


3. Paranoid London (feat. Paris Brightledge) – Paris Dub 1

Could have easily picked any of Paranoid London’s tracks as they’ve all had such a huge influence on us but I think actually seeing them play live has really given us the most inspiration. Hands down some of the best times we’ve spent at clubs is watching them play and I think this track in particular really sums up how cool their music is. Gritty deep acid house you can lose yourself to.


4. Wevie Stonder – Ton Wah (Jerome Hill Remix)

It was actually my Dad that showed me this one after I played him ‘Beton – Directions’ which uses the same vocal. This version completely blew my head off when I listened to it. It’s such a funny vocal which you don’t get too much in dance music but the crunchy beats Jerome Hill produced for this remix are just completely insane. You know you’re onto a winner when a track is just drums, vocal and a load of distortion.


5. Sully – Poison

I was introduced to Sully in 2020 when he released his EP ‘Swandive’ and this track was definitely a standout for me. Such high energy and so well produced it’s impossible for this one not to go off on the dancefloor. After listening to this track we really started to push the tempo at our shows to be able to fit more tunes like this one into our sets.


6. Track 6: Easy Peelers – Polymorph

A lovely roller that’s been in our setlists for the last 6 months, Easy Peelers have been coming out with some really great stuff. Always locks everyone in this track.


7. The Dexorcist – Nu Contact

Ramping up the energy here, this track just goes in, old school electro feel.


8. Bolam – Wallbang

Had so much fun playing this one out on a massive hot air skull balloon stage with pyrotechnics at SGP this summer, for our FAMLY Connection takeover. Was one of my highlights of the summer.


9. The Aircrash Bureau – Don’t Expect Me (To Forget You)

Early noughties progressive house, at the right time and right place, letting the track play through and getting that slight melancholy feel on the dancefloor can be a nice moment, a real festival tune.


10. Cousn – Today Is Yours 

Second track from our album, a feel-good summery house number. Hope you enjoy!


Cousn ‘FAMLY JEWELS’ LP is OUT NOW on Jack Said What

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