Brazilian wunderkind Cour T. releases his new two-track ‘Florestao’ EP, out now via Dirtybird. 


Following his performance at this year’s Dirtybird Campout, the young prodigy has returned to the label with his seventh EP offering, ‘Florestao’. Deriving its name from the Portuguese phrase for “land covered with trees”, ‘Florestao’ is filled with eccentric melody lines and rhythmic tribal-inspired percussion to create a delightful earworm. Cour T. rounds out the two-track EP with ‘Big Like M’, a percussive-driven house original accented by wonky, offbeat synths.


Brazilian-born producer Cour T. is quickly becoming a vanguard within Brazilian house music and favorite on Dirtybird Records. His trademark sound is a blend of percussive rhythms, psychedelic synths, and intense basslines with a funky/ghetto catch, and innovative ornament for those who like to venture into non-traditional sounds of house music. ‘Florestao’ marks Cour T.’s seventh Dirtybird EP, following last year’s ‘Confined’ EP. Cour T. is also the owner of Colapso Recordings, seeking to give voice to the movement of those who make unique music in Brazil, united in musical and visual art.