Plus Bonus Track ‘Notre Dame’ Available on Birdfeed

Today, Cour T. delivers a new record to DIRTYBIRD in the form of ‘Monalisa.’ The two-piece EP marks his fifth on the label, and epitomizes his evolution thus far under the mentorship of Claude VonStroke. Fans can also subscribe to Birdfeed, where a bonus third track is available. 

Both sides of ‘Monalisa’ carry the quirky sound design that Cour T. is known for, yet with a more refined approach. A subtle, but strong bassline undercuts metallic synth harmonies in the EP’s title track, while added layers of sound effects make for an impactful climax. “Louvre Love” is a bubblier listen, which centers around an infectious vocal topline. A hint of retro flare is added via distorted brass shaped into cheery progressions as the track reaches its second half. 

Birdfeed subscribers can expect a hefty dose of church bells and off-kilter pops of synths in the aptly named “Notre Dame.” Head here to get a taste of the action, in addition to other free music and perks offered to members through the year.

With ‘Monalisa’ paying tribute to some of the world’s greatest art and architecture marvels, Cour T. encourages listeners to “follow the art” themselves in a bespoke music video crafted to complement the EP. Check it out here:

Curitiba native Cour T. was educated at the Yellow DJ Academy and quickly began shopping his productions from there. The aforementioned “Black Magic” ended up becoming one of Claude VonStroke’s favorite set weapons of 2019, leading to him becoming DIRTYBIRD’s youngest resident at the age of 16. Since then, Cour T. has released ‘Joker Jungle,’ ‘Drum Machine,’ and ‘Dope Farm’ with the label, additionally joining onto its ‘Miami 2020’ compilation. Meanwhile, he made his USA debut at 2019’s Campout West.

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