Like a ray of dawn sunlight breaking the darkness of night, our latest seductive release appears over the Venetian horizon. Release number eleven from Endless and a full label debut from the Cosmic Cowboys with their ‘Enlight EP’. Harnessing much of the mood and romance of their city the duo transfer and present it within their silky and complex textures, layered behind the solid grooves of all three tracks. The title track is a musical description of the perfect summer’s day. No words, only drums and synthesisers and a delicate atmosphere that envelops its rhythms. Like a sunset lighting all with its red glow. ‘Capricorn’ gently leads the listener in the dark of the night with its epic strings and powerful chords that deliver us to a breathtaking break that expresses the full emotional power of the track. Closing the release is ‘Tell Me How’, a beautiful and warming number that will fire the senses and heat the bones in the cold of the morning. A sensual jewel and the perfect finale.


Artist:  Cosmic Cowboy
Title:  Enlight EP
Label:  Endless
Catalog No.:  NDL011