Following his recent single ‘Dizzy Lifted,’ CloudNone is back to offer a second taste of his forthcoming EP. Starring vocals from Micah Martin, ‘Flashlight’ is a multifarious production utilizing inspirations from several unique corners of electronic music as only CloudNone can. ‘Flashlight’ is available on all streaming platforms now via Monstercat. 

Anonymous producer CloudNone is widely regarded for his astute use of several production styles and techniques, a strength on full display throughout ‘Flashlight.’ The instrumental opens on a chilled-out downtempo note, but goes on to employ everything from buzzing synths to swirling subs to delicate xylophone hits. While CloudNone’s production packs several influences in, it makes sure to leave ample room for featured vocalist Micah Martin to shine. Similar to the instrumental, Martin’s performance ranges from subdued lows to provocative highs, making ‘Flashlight’ an enthralling and intriguing listen top to bottom. Paired with lead single ‘Dizzy Lifted,’ CloudNone’s first Monstercat EP of 2021 is shaping up to be an eclectic and provocative project.