Next up on the Digital Traffik label is someone who actually works behind the scenes doing A&R for it. That man is CLiVe who also has a rich style of his own when it comes to making beats. Now he serves up two more of them here on a fine new EP.
Going Back is first and is a super nice and deep tune with rolling beats and spine tingling synths really burrowing far into the cosmos. Some breathy vocals add a teary female element and this one is for the dead of night make no mistake. On the flip, Mambo Cafe is harder hitting, with rich rubber kicks jerking you into action as coarse claps add bite. More great vocals get carefully layered in to add a sense of emotive euphoria and overall these two cuts are sure to make their mark.
LABEL: Digital Traffik
RELEASE DATE: 2017-03-27

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-Ian Flemming

Contributing Writer