[New Release]  Resonance Records are at it again.  This time they call to Clinton Houlker who delivers this sinisterly dark Ride Tight EP.  Clinton has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with and this new EP only attests to that.

‘The Ride’ is a monster of a track with its dark grooves, deviant sound and sensually haunting vocals.  ‘She Keeps it Tight’ is another banger of a track with its deep grooves, jacking rhythm and ominous tones.  ‘9 0 Bounce’ is another behemoth of a track with its bouncy bass line and heavy rhythm, a great finish to this EP.

Overall this another super strong release from both Resonance Records and Clinton Houlker.  Clinton is surely putting his stamp on things and Resonance will be right along side.  Resonance are easily becoming my favorite record label with their hard hitting, heavy style and as always I look forward to their next release which has one of my personal favorites on it, No Artificial Colours.




Aritst:  Clinton Houlker
Title:  Ride Tight EP
Label:  Resonance Records
Catalog No.:  RR03


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