Shelter is Second State’s latest release from Clint Stewart and it’s a benchmark in the catalog as it’s the first time any of their releases have included a remix. And, for that remix, they showed no restraint, commissioning their very own, man of the hour, Stephan Hinz. As you dive into the first cut off the EP, ‘Shelter’, you instantly begin to take an excursion into the ethereal. Shimmers of distant audible light flicker in the backdrop as a hypnotic pulse tightens its grip, strapping you in for a trip deep into celestial territory. Long single blasts of deep bass and racing percussion thrust you further into the void until you’re far from your point of origin. ‘Shelter’ is a journey into the vast, ever expanding reaches of impassioned sonics ideal for deeper dance floor antics. On the flip is ‘L714’ and much like ‘Shelter’ it’s a cosmic ride, but differs in the fact that it is exceedingly relentless. Eery string like tones and massive low end bursts set the stage for a narcotic, swirling lead that parallels a comet hurtling through the ether. Bits of it falling apart and leaving a visible tail of particles in it’s wake creating the ideal flip to ‘Shelter’. Where both originals may have left something to be desired for those who want it heavy, Stephan Hinz fills that void. While staying undeniably true to the original ‘L714’, he adds only what he felt was missing. Taking the original to new heights with colossal drums and tension displayed with the arrangement of a cinematic masterpiece derived from another world. Overall, the ‘Shelter Ep’ is a complete package, hitting all emotions and leaving nothing to be desired no matter the time or situation.


Artist:  Clint Stewart
Title:  Shelter EP
Label:  Second State
Catalog No.:  SNDST011