Clinic Wednesday’s have easily become one of Los Angeles’ finest weeklies brining in some of the world’s best local and international talent.  Week in and week out, they have curated a quality night with incredible artists. Over the Summer we saw them bring in acts like My Favorite Robot, Louie Fresco, The Drifter, Marques Wyatt, and many more. For their Fall Season line up we see them once again continue to bring the goods and book amazing artists such as Rampue, Dance Spirit, Patrice Baumel, Miguel Puente, Nitin, Ruede Hagelstein, and many more.  With their relentless drive to create and sustain a scene, while brining in super talented acts, Clinic Wednesdays have made Wednesday our favorite night of the week.  We can’t wait to see all these acts over the next two months and hope to see you there too!