Like a fine wine, Climbers only seem to get better with age. Since 2011 the Mexican tag team of Jay and Kiko have been steadily, well….climbing, through the house and techno ranks with big releases on labels like Noir, Culprit, Get Physical, and Turbo to name a few. With each release we seem to get a more refined and dynamic Climbers curated for our listening pleasure.  Out this week on Audio Tonic Records is ‘French Connection’, a two track release that is absolutely begging for dance floor play. The title track comes to us with powerful synth stabs and slapping high hats, coupled with an almost god-like vocal narrative that warns us they are ‘coming for you’.  ‘Home’ is a simpler yet hypnotic journey that pushes and pulls at your senses with its thick reverberations and groove that can only be compared to driving down the highway at top speed.


ARTIST: Climbers
RELEASE DATE: 2015-07-13
LABEL: Audio Tonic Records