Get warm fuzzies inside as you wrap into Sweater Kittens from Class-A Deviants. Released on Zwickau’s BugCoder Records, this label is about establishing not so well known artists that produce top notch sounds.  Started in 2012 by Kodiac, Phillip Uhrwerk, and g:h0st these 3 really dive deep to find quality sounds and help new artist get recognition.

Based out of San Diego, Class-A Deviants is made up of Mkz & Sudonim. The two have released some fire in Sweater Kittens. The EP title track is an intricate minimal style mushing all kinds of wobbling synths, dynamic bells, and a ratifying bass. Reagan IE revises “Sweater Kittens” with vamped out space between the synth sounds and a cavernous bass.  “Loblolly” is smooth and stylish with a faint vocal overlay. Byron Gilliam’s remix is faster with a piercing heavy bass line.  “Imagine That” penetrates from the start adding a melodic pad that ramps up into a basement vibration. There is also the Llama A Dark Dub version which slows it down and ads an ambient tone that creates a journey which builds up with musical enchantment. The entire EP is delicious minimalism with all kinds of tripped out synths and perfectly defined space.


Artist: Class-A Deviants, Byron Gilliam, Reagan IE, Llama A
Release Date:
Label: BugCoder Records
Label:Catalog No: 10107148

Class-A-Deviants – Sweater Kittens

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor