In many ways, 2015 was the year of the Claptone. Chart topping tracks, a world class Essential Mix, a debut LP, a nonstop global touring schedule…there was almost nothing he (or they?) couldn’t accomplish. With 2016 now in full swing, Claptone proves that he has no intention of slowing down, bringing us some masterfully reworked versions of his latest beauty.

At this stage in the game, Tube & Berger needs no introduction. The names Tube & Berger simply need to be placed next to a track for the reader to understand that the song they are about to listen to will bring them great pleasure. Their remix of ‘The Only Thing’ holds true to this theory, and their melodic brand of house fits perfectly fused together with the longing vocals and charming pianos of the original. New favorite SevenDoors dives deep into the opposite direction, creating a mysterious and dark version of the track, doused in his ethereal techno styling. Not to be outdone, Guti brings us a percussion laced tech extravaganza, complete with a perfectly chopped chorus floating overhead. All three tracks although wildly different, are all perfectly synchronized with the original. 


Artist: Tube & BergerGutiSevenDoorsClaptone
Release Date: 2015-01-25
Label: Exploited
Catalog No.:  EXPDIGITAL115