Irish techno, electro and electronica producer Chymera makes his debut here on Canadian label My Favourite Robot Records with this superb 4 track EP. Before now the talented craftsman has released on labels like Ovum, Kompakt and Connaisseur and has been active for a decade. His sound is filmic and patient, features plenty of great synth work and therefore fits in perfectly with the MFR sound. Up first is ‘Other Worlds’, a serene cut with proud chords and percolating drums down below. Slivery and reflective, shiny and golden, it’s a lush way to start. ‘Vertigo’ is then a more direct cut with pixelated chord stabs, arpeggiated bass and a slick sense of groove that carries us well into the future. On the flip, ‘Inner Worlds’ pairs things back to a more insular deep house groove. Sombre chords sway back and forth as hiccuping snares roll over rubbery drums. There is mystery and intrigue in the little pads that float about and the whole thing has a soothing effect on mind, body and soul. Lastly, ‘Erku’ is the deepest of the lot, where bubbling drums and synths unravel in an eerie and spacious sound world. Stuttering drums eventually arrive to kick start things and the whole thing is soft focus and perfectly cosmic. Once more here MFR have unearthed an artful producer who can do so much more than just lay down a track – instead he injects a true sense of musicality into his work as displayed on this standout EP.


Artist:  Chymera
Title:  Other Worlds EP
Label:  My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR122