Berlin-based Chimp Hardy has released the rave ready alternative Valentine’s Day anthem, Every Piece Of My Heart on his Kaiser Wilhelm Records label, proving why he is one of the one of the most captivating and exciting artists in electronic music.

With Every Piece Of My Heart, Chimp Hardy takes no prisoners with the deep, dark and atmospheric track which distils the best of vintage acid house and ‘90s rave, with hypnotic and distorted crescendoing piano house chords, thumping percussion, swirling strings, and Chimp’s own anthemic vocal, pitched up to give it a feminine edge and put through a cassette recorder to cement the DIY rave and after-party credentials.

Chimp Hardy described the track as “a song about the excitement of love, when we feel like the other person completes us.” When writing the piano melody, he was influenced by fellow Texan Janis Joplin singing Piece of My Heart, so this is the Chimp Hardy take of that classic song. As a homage to Janis Joplin’s hippie time period, he added psychedelic pedal effects, crescendoing pianos and poignant strings to give a feeling of the excitement of growing love.

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