Released as part of Remix The Universe – a remix version of legendary artist Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s final album – Child Of delivers an epic electronic reinterpretation of the track Life Is An Experiment.

NYC-based producer Child Of creates melodic house and techno with real sonic character, influenced by his myriad musical passions. After touring the world in some hugely influential bands as a young, (formerly) straight-edge guitarist from Long Island, he gradually shifted his love from mosh pits to dancefloors and Child Of was born. Infused with a sense of real, raw emotion: music that seeks to explore the idea that, ultimately, we’re all children of the same life source.

One of the artists invited to remix a track from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s final album, Child Of’s remix of Life In An Experiment is a nine-minute electronic epic. Commencing with crisp, delicate breakbeats which are soon joined by Perry’s inimitable vocal and increasing intense synthlines and melodies, by its final third it has evolved into a stone-cold techno thumper without sacrificing any of the emotion or atmosphere it so patiently built.

The full Remix The Universe album features new versions by artists from the post-hardcore, experimental hip hop, indie rock, EDM and ambient spheres. From the overdriven electronic blast by Andy Morin (Death Grips), to the dancefloor-ready groove of South Africa’s BLK JKS, to the head-banging fuzz-dub of Quicksand, and Nick Reinhart’s experimental exploration, the 12 track album sizzles across 44 minutes of new music.

“Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry inspired musicians from countless genres and scenes, and we wanted to pay homage to his incredible legacy by working with artists well beyond dub and reggae” Eric J. Breitenbach, New Age Doom

“Life is an experiment. The more you experiment, you make a better, better man” Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry