If you DJ from home, digitally, you will probably know about Virtual DJ. If you don’t, where have you been?

It is a piece of cult software that has been dowloaded more than 121 million times over the last 20 years and is packed with tricks, features and integrations that mean you can do whatever you ant with your music to create amazing DJ mixes. 

It recently got updated with a load of new features, and here are five of the best. “The interface is so clean and simple with Virtual DJ, but you can tailor it to have as many of the excellent features on there as you need. With the new additions of things like live requests and tune suggestions, an already truly great product just got a whole lot better.”

Fresh skins

This is where virtual DJ differs from other DJ software as it gives you a dropdown list o change the view based on different skins. Other skins include “Essential”, “Pro” and “performance”. All given the users’ extra choices of different effects and functions.

Live Feed Tips 

You’ve just dropped a banger. The reception is great, but your mind goes blank. No worries, this feature analyses what you just played and then based on what other DJs have played after that tune gives you some pointers on what to drop next. Easy. 

Isolate Stems

When you need to add your own spin to your set, this brand new feature is vital – it allows you to move any part of a tune – the vocal, breakdown, etc – to another place and effectively make a remix on the fly. The possibilities are endless. 

Control wirelessly via remote

Download the Virtual DJ wireless remote control app with android or iOS and you will be able to work over WiFi to trigger pads and even control the whole programme remotely. 

Digital Requests 

In truth, no one likes taking requests, but it is sort of part of your job as a DJ. With this  free web-based application that any audience members can use on their phones users go online, find you via geolocation detection, and send in them tunes. 

More information at www.virtualdj.com