Cerrone, the Godfather of ‘70s disco, has released the new album “Cerrone by Cerrone”, out now via Because Music.


The album is a celebration of Cerrone’s 50th anniversary as an artist by revisiting 17 of his classic tracks and cult favorites, reworked by guest collaborators, and all mixed by Cerrone himself. 


Having originally reworked 15 tracks for his DJ sets, Cerrone finally bowed to the pressure and released these updated versions on the new album. The album was conceived as a long-mix narrative flowing continuously from beginning to end,  proving that he hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to making people dance. 


These new tracks have been deftly reworked, still keeping the producer’s disco DNA, but with a more contemporary feel, enhanced by high-flying remixes (Joey Negro and “Paradise”, The Reflex and “Look For Love”, Mercer on “The Only One” or Dimitri From Paris and “Love in C Minor”).  The album ends with ‘Supernature’, the track which originally reached number one on the US disco/dance charts early in 1978.


By bringing together these updated versions in a long format really brings out their innate joyful and sexy qualities. ‘Cerrone by Cerrone’ is a new kind of DJ set where Cerrone brilliantly reimagines his classics in one long irresistible invite to dance. The album brings the experience of a rollercoaster of emotions and exquisite hedonism, allowing the listener to let go and dive head first into the liberating magic of disco.


“When I started DJing everyone was asking me to play the originals, which I can understand. But I wanted to evolve, try new things and not just play old tunes. So I gradually started to rework my songs as if I were writing them today, taking into account new instruments coming through technological advancement”, Cerrone said about the album.


He added, “I can change harmonies, baselines, rhythm, make some bits longer and shorten others. Lastly I took out the original acapellas and had Brendan Reilly, an English singer who has worked with Disclosure, re-sing them. He has an incredible voice as well as a god-like stage presence! Another thing that is amazing about being a DJ is that during the week you are in the studio and then on the weekends you can live-test the new work and then adjust it depending on the reaction!”


‘Cerrone by Cerrone’ will feature 17 tracks and will be released physically on CD and as a coloured double vinyl edition, as well as on all available digital streaming platforms.