Continuing his 2021 hot streak, Austin-based DJ/producer Casual T returns to the forefront of emerging electronic talent with his new single “Intoxicated.” A mesmerizing indie-electronic gem with distorted vocals and an emotional rhythm arrangement, the aptly-titled track released today.

Travis Drews is also no stranger when it comes to commanding a stage. A leading force in the Live Music Capital of The World, Austin-based artist Casual T is an electric labyrinth of sound and show. The rising producer/DJ’s passion for dance music was prompted by a near-death experience at a music festival. In 2012, Drews was attending a festival that hosted legendary acts like Nero, Afrojack, and Dr. P when his lungs collapsed from the weight of the bass. Like alchemy, Drews turned tragedy into art, giving birth to his magnum opus- Casual T. A charismatic figure both onstage and in the studio, Casual T distills characteristics of bass, pop, hip-hop, and electronica to forge his fluid signature sound. A proficient scratch DJ and teacher, Casual T is equal parts old-school and innovative.