London based duo Casual Affair return to Motek Music, this time with their own EP ‘Orenda/My Religion’. Fresh with the Casual Affair signature sound, they have brought their dark driving rhythms, smooth vocals and crisp live percussive elements to these productions. Orenda, the more driving of the two tracks, comes full of weight, a raw hypnotic bass line laying the foundation for the haunting vocal and lead line interplay. My Religion keeps the same weight as Orenda, but with a more groove based feel. This starts with the syncopated kick drum, moving away from the traditional 4 to the floor. Tribal elements are on show, loose shakers and African drums lay the groove on which the Marimba lead sits. The major focal point coming in the main breakdown with an uplifting vocal. Remixes of this release come from Stefan Z and Third Son, both putting their take on Orenda. Stefan Z has brought us a stripped back track, layered bass lines and a powerful kick providing the remix with lots of punch. On top of this, slow moving string pads add movement and atmosphere, creating space for the vocal loop to breathe. Third Son has delivered a powerful production, progressively building from crunchy bass driven beginnings into a soaring finale led by high open pads and standout lead rhythms, perfect for peak time sets.


Artist:  Casual Affair
Title:  Orenda/My Religion
Label:  Motek Music
Catalog No.:  MTK010