Kicking off 2021 on a high note with recent singles ‘No Romance’ and ‘Mar Nero’, melodic techno talent Carlo Whale returns with another enchanting offering. Lending his remix capabilities to a brand new original from Jonas Saalbach, Carlo Whale’s ‘Midnight Sky’ remix comes as a part of Saalbach’s new EP on Einmusika. 

Released in conjunction with the original, Carlo Whale’s remix of ‘Midnight Sky’ offers the listener a chance to experience Saalbach’s original version in a reimagined light. The track gradually picks up momentum as the soft resonating vocals from Luna Semara shine throughout the track. In true Carlo Whale fashion, the driving progressive melody captivates the listener while still highlighting the production of the original. Incorporating cinematic elements and dark synths, this track was designed with the underground club scene in mind. Adding another impressive remix to his catalog, Carlo Whale continues to showcase his keen studio aptitude in each subsequent release.