Carl Finlow is well known to those who have been keen electro heads over the years. His output is second to none and once again he comes correct with an adventurous new album on 20/20 Vision that comes after a strong run of recent singles.


There is no time to waste on opener Apparatus which soars off at hyper speed on rugged bass and mad sound effects. Differential slips into a more sleek groove that reminds of Kraftwerk and Carbon Deposits is a real brain fryer with frazzled synths and spooky pads. Bind is a deep space exploration with eerie sound effects and the drum programming skills of Finlow are in fine force on the likes of Structure and the corrugated Viroids.


Ident is a personal favourite for the space it creates, with sheet metal snares, trippy little details and a warped baseline that brings something playful to the track. There are no silly intros or outros or ambient excursions here, just straight fire like the darker Ampere and brilliantly melancholic Immaterial.


Electro really doesn’t come finer than this. It is filled with narrative, expertly produced, and takes you on a real trip to the edges of the cosmos. Do not miss.


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